Mr. Cayne began developing a line of pet products that, in his opinion, were at the cutting edge of the pet industry. Being a pet owner and pet lover, Mr. Cayne decided to move ahead with launching the first of many pet products, under the PetsZX, Inc, banner. The pet industry is a $66 + billion dollar industry and according to Business Week, Money Magazine and Entrepreneur magazine, it is the fastest growing market in the United States. In total, Mr. Cayne is responsible for approximately a billion dollars in consumer sales of products.

The Pet Industry which has reached sales of approximately $66 Billion in 2010 is one of only a very few market segments that had a positive growth rate in 2010. The industry is expected to grow at a rate in excess of 3.4% in 2011.

Pets ZX, Inc., is positioned to become a player in this lucrative market with its proprietary formulated line of pet supplements and pet health products.

The Pet Industry which has reached sales of approximately $69.51 billion in 2017 is one of only a few market segments that has had a continual growth rate. The industry is expected to reach $100 billion in sales by the year 2020.


Pet Power ZX contains a synergistic balance of natural ingredients. All ingredients in Pet Power ZX are natural, non-toxic, plant based enzymes developed to promote longevity and well being for your pets.

Pet Power ZX supports a faster break down of food and makes more nutrients available for absorption resulting in improved efficiency in digestion i.e. conversion of food into energy. Simultaneously, Pets ZX’s Zentex formulation provides a small but constant charge of nutritional and mineral energy replacement at the cellular level i.e. generating higher energy levels.

2. OMEGA 3 ZX™

Pets ZX introduces the new “Gold Standard” Omega 3 Oil blended with Co-Enzyme Q10. This incredible product is made from the highest quality  ingredients. Our Omega 3 is derived from Wild Alaskan fish harvested from the pristine ocean waters of Alaska. Within hours of harvesting, the oil is gently filtered and it is nitrogen flushed throughout the production process to ensure freshness.

Our fish oil  is never denatured by cooking or distilling. The oil is the same as found in nature, free from contaminants (tests available by request) and loaded with “body ready” Omega 3 fatty acids and the potent anti-oxidant known as Astaxantin (the salmon red color)


PetsZX’s Power Spray ZX is tested for Animal Safety! PetsZX’s products follow G.M.P. – good manufacturing practices. Made with the highest quality ingredients, this product contains naturally occurring balanced by nature, minerals, trace minerals, and amino acids. This amazing liquid is further enhanced by the use of micro-structured water which helps with assimilation and absorption of the other ingredients. Apply this proprietary product to your pet’s food, to minor cuts, scrapes and hot spots. Power Spray speeds healing naturally!