I graduated California State University at Northridge with a B. A. in sociology and a minor in marketing. I received my Juris Doctorate degree from La Verne Law School in 1974. I possess extensive production and marketing experience. I have owned an advertising agency that specialized in television game show placement and produced and directed various television shows and commercials. In 1981, my partners and I created a concept of non-elimination blackjack and craps tournaments which were held in various Las Vegas casinos such as the Desert Inn, Sands, and Riviera Hotels. The company, Casino Marketing International, had annual revenues in excess of $25,000,000 was sold to Summa corporation, a Howard Hughes company, in 1986.

I joined Martin Van Der hoeven and formed ABFLEX U.S.A., Inc., in 1989 and created the ABFLEX success story. In a twenty four month period over 4.5 million ABFLEX units were sold worldwide, equating to consumer sales exceeding $460,000,000.

I was the moving force that led to the development and marketing of Pounds Off Meal Replacement Bars which became a staple in drug, grocery and mass retail stores like K-Mart, Target, etc. I won Talk Show Infomercial of the Year in 1997 for Pounds Off by the Electronic Retailing Association (ERA). Marson Gold, the company that I co-founded sold the Pounds Off Bar to Ellis Foods in 1998.

In 2000, I discovered Spray FX, a batterry powered air brush for kids. I entered into distribution agreement with Q-Direct (a QVC company) on Spray FX which was distributed to mass merchants in 14 countries. In 2003 Spray FX won Family Fun Magazine Toy of the Year in the Arts and Craft's category.

In 2002 I invented the “Sheets Gone Wild” a set relationship bed sheets, which was marketed under Damon Anthony, LLC. The Sheets were featured in such magazines as GQ, Maxim, FHM, Playboy, Penthouse, Femme Fatal, American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists as well as many other publications. They were sold on Drug Store. Com as well as Amazon.co. In 2006 I sold, Damon Anthony, LLC.

In 2011 I was intrigued by the Pet Industry. Being a pet-owner I was very concerned about what I was feeding my two Golden Retrievers. I was shocked when I realized that most pet food was heat processed up to 4 times which took out most of the nutrients that my Goldens required. I decided something had to be done so I contacted Dr. Dennis Kramer and we began the formulation of our line of pet food supplements and pet products which I am marketing under PetsZX. Inc.

All in all, I am responsible for approximately a billion dollars worth of sales of consumer goods.